Create and maintain your desired gob automatically.

The SMARTFEEDER is the latest development to automatically adjust the gob forming process to your needs, consisting of:

1. GobRadar as a measurement system

2. Advanced gob forming hardware:
575 Dual Drive Shear and Multi-Drive Feeder

3. Gob Control Closed Loop

Gob Control Closed Loop

SMARTFEEDER improves process stability, enables easier start-up after job change and facilitates multi-article production.

SMARTFEEDER allows you to define parameters for your desired gob design. The Gob Control Closed Loop then adjusts any deviations per cavity and for multi-article production.

Gob Weight
Gob Length
Gob Tilt
Gob Shape
Discover How SMARTFEEDER Works

The SMARTFEEDER is a ground-breaking closed-loop system that automates feeder and shear parameters, ensuring optimal efficiency and accuracy.

With advanced components like the 570 Multi Drive Feeder Plunger, 555 Revolving Tube, 575 Dual Drive Shear, and GobRadar cameras, it allows operators to set and monitor parameters with precision.

This technology revolutionizes the industry by reducing defects, optimizing container weight, and enhancing multi-article production efficiency.

The SMARTFEEDER is the key to consistent, high-quality gob production for glassmakers worldwide.

Watch the below video to see how it works.

Benefits of the SMARTFEEDER

Improving efficiency and speed

Reduced job change time.

Improved start-up after a job change.

Gob parameters from the previous jobs can be stored and are achieved automatically even under different conditions.

Greater control from the start

Gob weight and length are automatically adjusted for each section individually.

Easy gob forming for single and multi-article production.

Overcoming the knowledge gap

Less reliance on experienced operators to adjust the gob forming process. Automatic adjustments are independent of operator experience and result in a more consistent forming process.

Greater consistency across jobs

Gobs are perfectly replicated even under varying conditions.

There is no need to change the calibration between jobs unless specific conditions within the feeder have fundamentally been changed.

The Benefits of the Innovative SMARTFEEDER

SMARTFEEDER from Bucher Emhart Glass is able to elevate operations, increase productivity and ensure precision, resulting in the highest quality glass production.

From plant managers to machine operators and everyone else in-between, SMARTFEEDER has the capabilities to benefit all.

Watch the below video demonstrating the key advantages of SMARTFEEDER, from those already reaping the rewards.

SMART equipment for SMART feeding

See below to see what equipment is required for the SMARTFEEDER closed loop.
Flexis 3
Forming Machine

The GobRadar is a camera-based observation system (sensor) providing a number of measurements for each and every single gob. Two separate high-speed matrix cameras in cooled housings are installed on the feeder platform to monitor the gobs just after the cut. The images from two angles are used to create a 3D-model of each gob. The real time data acquired includes Gob Weight, Length, Diameter, Angle, Position, Trajectory, Shape, Freak Detection and Temperature. This information is then fed back to the Gob Control Closed Loop to ensure the desired gob parameters are being met.

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FlexlS 3 and Gob Control Closed Loop

Operators set desired gob parameters on the versatile, powerful and user-friendly touch screen, before the Gob Control Closed Loop monitors and adjusts the process based on data gathered by the GobRadar and BlankRadar.

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The BlankRadar is a gob loading and temperature measurement system installed on the blank panel of the forming machine. The BlankRadar stops in front of each section to measure the temperature and gob loading measurements. The BlankRadar reading can be used as support information in gob control to set up a manual gob length compensation.

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Forming Machine

For producers of glass containers, the competitive situation today means that the highest quality of machinery with maximum productivity and minimum downtime is a prerequisite for success. As ecological awareness among consumers grows, the industry has to respond with lighter and stronger products.

With our large range of machine types, and our tradition of heavy investment in automation and controls, Bucher Emhart Glass is the perfect partner for success.

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The customer is always our first priority at Bucher Emhart Glass. We constantly ask questions and listen to every piece of feedback as we develop our products and services. Here are just a few of our many happy customers discussing their experience of working with SMARTFEEDER:

Christian Froba – HEINZ-GLAS Group (English)

Christian Fröba, Chief Operating Officer, HEINZ-GLAS Group, discusses the manufacturer’s close cooperation with Bucher Emhart Glass and how the advanced technologies of SMARTFEEDER represent the next step in the evolution of gob forming. He considers key factors in high-quality production supported by SMARTFEEDER including efficiency, precision and stability.

Christian Froba – HEINZ-GLAS Group (German)

Christian Fröba, Chief Operating Officer der HEINZ-GLAS Gruppe, spricht über die enge Zusammenarbeit mit Bucher Emhart Glass und darüber, wie die fortschrittlichen Technologien von SMARTFEEDER den nächsten Schritt in der Evolution der Tropfenformung darstellen. Er berücksichtigt Schlüsselfaktoren für eine qualitativ hochwertige Produktion, die von SMARTFEEDER unterstützt wird, darunter Effizienz, Präzision und Stabilität.

Christian Froba – HEINZ-GLAS Group (Extended English)

Christian Fröba, Chief Operating Officer, HEINZ-GLAS Group, discusses how the advanced technologies of SMARTFEEDER represent the next step in the evolution of gob forming and how SMARTFEEDER now sets the standards throughout the group for efficiency, quality and high process stability.

Christian Froba – HEINZ-GLAS Group (Extended German)

Christian Fröba, Chief Operating Officer der HEINZ-GLAS Gruppe, erläutert, wie die fortschrittlichen Technologien von SMARTFEEDER den nächsten Schritt in der Evolution der Tropfenformung darstellen und wie SMARTFEEDER konzernweit der neue Standard ist um Effizienz, Qualität und hohe Prozessstabilität zu erreichen.

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